CWS offers waste-to-energy services to companies that want to turn waste into clean, reliable energy.

Every waste-to-energy facility has unique capabilities. Differences in permits, fuel specifications, technologies and geography are considered for each item to assure proper placement of every incineration candidate. For this reason, CWS maintains over 20,000 item-specific approvals at multiple sites to ensure complete and proper incineration of our customers' inventories.

CWS has also acquired and maintains contractual relationships with multiple waste-to-energy facilities in order to provide prompt and efficient service for both small and large destruction events.

Read our waste-to-energy case study to see our services in action, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

  • Case Study

Waste-to-Energy Solutions

A major FDA recall leaves a pharmaceutical company with 2500 tons of recalled product. Running out of space and time, they turned to CWS. See how CWS answered the call and kept their operation running.

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