Waste-to-Energy Solutions


A Pharmaceutical Company has a major FDA Recall of all Products


The FDA found that the company's GMP was not followed exactly and some of the company's products did not meet their standard. Therefore, the company had to purge most of their inventory from raw materials to finished products and all of the finished products that were off-site were recalled. The company had limited storage capacity available and was in need of getting everything moved out and destroyed as quickly as possible. No one waste-to energy facility was able to take everything in the company's waste inventory due to fuel specifications, feed mechanisms, capacity and timeframe.


Utilizing our vast knowledge of waste-to-energy, transportation logistics and relationships with various waste-to-energy facilities, we were able to stay ahead of the massive amounts of recalled items.


We were able to move more than 2500 tons of bulk powder, liquid, pre-encapsulated finished formulations and finished products within a few short months and provide the space for the company to continue operations.

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